Physical Marijuana Addiction

Having a drug addiction means that you will compulsively seek to use the drug, even when faced with strong negative consequences, which the addiction brings you. This definitely includes marijuana. The physical marijuana addiction is combined with a strong psychological dependence making marijuana very hard to quit for many people. cbd m√ľnchen

It is sometimes argued that marijuana has only a psychological addiction and users need only use will power to quit weed. This was believed widely for many years, in fact still to this day many GPs and even addiction treatment centers will not treat people with a marijuana addiction. This trend is slowly changing over time, as the potency of marijuana increases and the symptoms become more obvious.

It has only been in recent times this trend has changed. In the last few years, scientists have discovered that weed has deep withdrawal symptoms, stemming from a very real physical marijuana addiction. This physical dependence was proven through the emergence of bodily withdrawal symptoms, when the drug was removed from heavy or long-term users.

Some of these symptoms include headaches, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, and a definite craving for marijuana, just to name a few. The problem with these symptoms is that they can take quite a long time to completely go away.

The reason for this is because marijuana has the tendency to deposit in the fats cells of your body. They can stay there for just a few days, for one-time users, all the way up to several months for chronic long-term marijuana smokers.

These long-term users also develop a strong tolerance to the drug. This is yet another little known danger, in the weed smoking community. The higher your tolerance, the more marijuana you need to achieve the same result. This increases your physical marijuana addiction and leads to more intake of weed smoke. In turn, this causes more damage to the mind, lungs and the entire respiratory system.

Of course, it is no secret to long time users that weed is physically addictive, or that it is bad for you. Many people are trying to quit, more than ever before. Unfortunately, most people fail and go back to smoking. It becomes a big part of their life, as they are often overwhelmed by uncomfortable feelings such as fear, anxiety, irritability, lack of focus, depression, low energy, hunger issues and sleeping difficulties to name a few.

If you would like to quit weed and you are having trouble, what you need to do is diminish the ill effects of marijuana abuse. There are weed detoxification products that help you quit with less stress. Marijuana is addictive; however it is not impossible to stop using any drug.

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