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Online sticker printers are ideal for anyone looking to promote a band, school team, business, website or even just a great idea with custom stickers. But like any online ordering process, comparison shopping can be confusing. What factors are important to consider when choosing an online sticker printer? If you want great-looking custom stickers, it’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for.

1) Cost
There are two basic types of custom sticker pricing: pre-set sizes with pre-set prices and cost-per-square-inch, which is fully customizable to whatever size your sticker may be. Cost-per-square-inch can easily be determined by multiplying the width of your sticker design by its height.

Sticker printers offering either option will also generally offer price breaks for larger quantities.

Some online sticker makers have their prices clearly posted, so you can judge the cost of your order from their homepage, or offer an online price calculator. Others may require you to actually begin the ordering process in order to assess the costs associated with your custom sticker design.

Regardless of which online sticker printer you choose, you can rest assured knowing that custom stickers are one of the most cost-effective promotion strategies out there, and will offer you plenty of bang for your buck. acrylic charms

2) Minimums
One online sticker printer may appear to have the lowest price, but check the minimum quantity you’ll need to order first. Often, the posted price requires a minimum of 1,000 stickers or more, and other companies may offer a comparable or better price without requiring the same volume.

3) Quality
There’s a big difference between black and white “label” stickers and full-color, photographic quality stickers that can stand up to years of outdoor exposure in the elements. Companies offering both will most likely appear when you run an internet search for ‘custom sticker printers’, so make sure you check to see what kinds of print options are available. Full-color printing on outdoor-quality vinyl is generally what you’re looking for if you want to create eye-catching bumperstickers that will stand the test of time.

4) Turnaround Time
Different sticker printers offer different turnaround times and use different shipping methods. However, the top sticker printers will generally offer orders that ship within 24 hours, with expedited options available.

If you have a serious deadline for a custom sticker project, it’s always a good idea to call ahead and get an idea of whether your sticker maker can guarantee delivery, rather than going ahead with an order and crossing your fingers that your stickers will arrive in time.

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